Sarah Etonge Foundation is a dully registered non profit making organization based in Buea Fako Division South West Region of Cameroon Central African training young people in sports, this Foundation have the Reg N° 631/G.27/C83/VOL.||/SAAJP.

The Foundation vision is to help people achieve their life goals by delivering them with our quality and innovation programs across our main themes; Education, Sports, Health, Women’s and child right, Disability, Communities development and Cultural activities.
We make a huge impact on street children’s, orphans, and Adult by providing them with

"Educational qualification and personal skills, increasing participation and help improve their basic health,"

we support children’s with disability or talented athletes to progress in their chosen sports we make the difference and help them achieve their goals.

Sarah Etonge, the Queen of the Mountain

SarahEtonge,  born in 1967 to a family of seven and they lived with their mother. As a child, their father farmed on the mountain andher family had to relate with it, as the mountain was where they got their food.

They lived in Mokundavillagefrom where they wouldaccompanytheir father up the mountain on Saturdays to assist him in farming. Sarah did not go beyond the fifth-grade because she started bearing children at the tender age of 13.

Sarah Etongue: “success is good”

Sarah was still very young at the time the mountain race began. She would come out to see people run then. Economic hardship lured Sarah into the race at 27 to cater for her children, after she lost her father.

She was then referred to as “Mami Kanda” because she sold hide sauce (kanda) for a living and continued working on her father’s farmlands. It was too stressful for her, and the proceeds could not meet up with her family’s needs.

Sarah had been a sprinter since elementary school. “I began athletics in primary school. I was even a very good footballer. I was also good at high jump. My father told me how he used to run. I see it like a gene in our family, my children too are competing. They love running, even right to my grandchildren, have inherited it. If it were not a gene my children wouldn’t have picked it up.” Sarah says with a grin.

She first ran the mountain race in 1992 and was fourth. She received 15 Euros and was very happy about her prize. Back then, it was a huge sum for Sarah. During her second participation in the race 1996, she finished first place and was given 762 Euros.

Sarah sprints to glory. She kept on working hard to support her family and to pay her children’s tuition in primary school and secondary school that they were then. “I didn’t know what else to do then. I did not finish school and I would not get involved in dubious activities to sustain my children. So this was my way of working hard to make money to cater for my children.”Sarah says confidently.

Knowing that the Mountain race came only once a year, once she received the money, she would pay her children’s fee for the year and would use the remainder to purchase their school uniform and a few books and then she would return to her farms for food.

In most cases, the money got finished and she wouldn’t get even clothes for herself.But she would still be quite satisfied knowing that she had taken care of her children’s school needs. Sarah would pray to God that none of my children falls sick that year.

Sarah had to intensify her training efforts and still work extremely hard on her farms to sell coco-yam for extra income.“I believe that it was God who directed me to go this way, to be able to sustain myself and my children.I followed that path, worked very hard and I succeeded.”

Our mission

  • Mission

    -To inspire and raise aspirations enabling continued participation, supporting Education, Sports and personal development to create a more active and Healthy way of life.
    -To work together to make a positive impact on individual and the wider communities to enable people to achieve their goals and progression in life.
    -To give a wide range of innovation programmes that would engage people through Education, Sports women’s and child right, Health, Community development, cultural activities to better the people and their communities..

  • Location
    Address: Behind Molyko Omnisport Stadium, Buéa
    Phone:6 77 16 18 61

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